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Why You shouldn’t Skip Meals
Why You shouldn’t Skip Meals

When we decide to lose weight, we often think this means we must cut out everything that may be less than healthy. While this is justified and can lead to good health results, some individuals often take this further by deciding to skip mealtimes entirely. Losing weight is all about calories in vs. calories out and the logic behind it seems to make sense in theory. But if you have ever missed a meal, you know that feeling of hunger doesn’t just disappear. The reality is that skipping meals isn’t recommended. Here is why skipping meals may not be a good idea.


You are missing out on vital nutrients.

One common trend is the idea of skipping breakfast. Not eating a big meal first thing in the morning may sound reasonable since you are just getting up and need time to feel hungry. But avoiding the meal altogether is generally not a good idea. Many foods categorized as breakfast foods tend to be nutrient-dense and filled with vitamins that your body needs. By skipping a meal, you can set yourself up for failure when you decide to eat later in the day. Rather than eating a regular-sized portion, you might just reach for more food than usual.

Expect to overeat when you decide it is time to eat.

Continuing with the last point, you’ll probably overeat if you skip meals. If you’re hungry, your brain can trick you into eating more than you should. Since your mind will often go for the first thing it sees, you potentially open the door for eating fattening, unhealthy foods.


You will gain, not lose, weight.

Since our body is good at reserving energy as well as using it, your body may go into a survival mode and preserve calories instead of burning them. Along with feeling hungry, your body will burn fewer calories than it normally would because you skipped out on a meal. When you add all this up, it makes no sense to skip meals. There are ways to combat this trend, however.

Do this instead


Take Lipozene

If you are looking to eat less but don’t want to cut out meals, taking Lipozene is one of the safest and most effective ways to do it. Just take two capsules with water 30 minutes before you eat.  Lipozene creates a sense of fullness so you’ll eat less. And it is much safer and effective to take Lipozene than to skip meals entirely. You can expect results from Lipozene, something you can’t say when you simply skip meals.

Eat Smaller, more frequent portions.

Another alternative to cutting out meals is to eat smaller meals, more frequently throughout the day. Rather than eating three big meals, you could instead break your meals into a different schedule altogether. Try a 6-meal program comprised of something small, that way; you feel just full enough throughout the day instead of feeling bloated from just one meal. This routine can be beneficial if you have a busy schedule because you’re eating on the go rather than having large, filling meals.


Eating a meal is better than not eating a meal at all. Skipping meals can bring about cravings, more hunger, and bad habits. Thankfully, there are ways of figuring out a schedule and routine that fits you best. At the end of the day, don’t skip meals or the meal will skip on you.


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