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Why our weight fluctuates
Why our weight fluctuates

The human body tends to behave in ways that doesn’t always make the most sense. Take for example when you start losing weight, the first few pounds come off rather quickly. That is because in the beginning you are losing water weight instead of fat. So, it may surprise you when your weight fluctuates between days. Here are three reasons why your weight may be fluctuating.

1.Sodium and Carb intake

“Foods that are high in sodium can sometimes cause water retention. The amount of water you retain can fluctuate depending on how sensitive you are to sodium. Soups, cold cuts of meat, and sauces are often loaded with sodium, so it is important to check the label. Foods containing refined carbohydrates are often loaded with sodium as well, which doesn’t help with water retention. Carbohydrates can cause weight fluctuation due to their water retention properties as well. For every gram of carbohydrate, you eat, your body retains about three grams of water in order to store it as the fuel source.”

2.What you ate before

When you weigh yourself, you are getting a snapshot of what you ate on the previous day. No matter your diet plan, what you eat will leave an impact on you. In the long run, if you stay consistent with your routine, some fluctuation is normal. So, if you eat a cheeseburger the day before and your weight fluctuates for one day, it is nothing to worry about.

3.What day and time you weigh

There is a reason why doctors and nutritionists ask that we weigh simultaneously on the same day. Your weight will naturally fluctuate throughout the day. While you may weigh at one number in the morning, that number could change come nighttime. Establishing a weighing schedule can help you figure out what the best time of the day is to weigh.

Regardless of eating times, how much food you eat, and what you eat, eating and drinking any amount of food will cause changes in your weight. The thing to take away is that if you feel comfortable with your progress, size, and how you feel, fluctuating weight should be nothing to worry about.


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