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Swap this for that Summer Edition
Swap this for that Summer Edition

Summer is full of life. It is the time of year where we indulge in everything, from activities to food to the people we spend the most time with. While it is the time to enjoy the weather and have fun, that doesn’t mean you should throw away all the work you have put in up to this point. You should be mindful of the food you eat and make changes that accommodate your lifestyle. It may be hard to do this during the summer, but here are some foods that you can swap out to continue your healthy lifestyle. Let’s swap this for that with summer foods.

1.Swap Soda for Iced tea

On a hot summer day, a soda can sound appealing. It also sounds like a curveball for your diet. High in sugar, soda will throw off any progress you’ve made in your diet. Instead of opening up a can of soda, switch it out for an iced tea. Tea provides various nutrients and benefits, but it also doesn’t have the high amount of sugar that soda does.

2.Swap Hamburgers for Grilled Chicken

Grilling food in the summer is one of life’s most simple pleasures. There’s nothing like the smell of a grill on a summer day. While burgers and hot dogs are a summer staple, too much of either aren’t suitable for your weight loss goals. Switch out the burgers for chicken to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal. If you want a side, ditch the French fries and grill some veggies. Grilled asparagus, peppers, and onions can offer a nutritious, healthy alternative.

3.Swap Ice Cream for an acai bowl

Ice cream, despite its delicious taste, is often a villain for your weight loss. High in refined sugar and fat, ice cream doesn’t have much nutrition either. If you are looking for an alternative to ice cream, an acai bowl can do just the trick. Packed with various antioxidants and other vitamins, acai bowls are loaded with healthy sources of carbohydrates. Acai bowls will give you a clean source of energy while also conquering your need for sweets.

While switching up the diet will help you get through the summer months, it is always important to keep these habits throughout the year to ensure you enjoy that summer body for the whole year. So, sit back, enjoy your summer with these healthy changes.


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