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Ignore these common keto mistakes
Ignore these common keto mistakes

Unless you have been living under a rock over the past few years, you’ve probably heard about the Ketogenic (Keto) diet. Since its arrival, it has become one of the most widely discussed and practiced diets in the United States. The basic rules of a keto diet are a high fat intake, moderate protein, and low carb diet where you drastically reduce the number of carbs you digest and in turn, replace them with fats. Your body will eventually enter a ketosis state where it becomes super effective at burning fat for energy. While Keto has continued to skyrocket in popularity, you should take care to avoid mistakes that will slow down your weight loss progress. Here is how you can avoid some common Keto mistakes and keep losing weight.

1. Don’t cold turkey

The beginning of any diet is always the most challenging part. This is also true with Keto. If you are a carb eater, take time before starting your diet to wean off the carbs slowly. Often, when individuals start Keto, they will drastically reduce their macronutrient levels, causing the body to alter its metabolism. What is happening to your body is a reduction in insulin levels and an increase in fat breakdown. A recommended approach for this diet is to ease into it. Don’t cut everything out at once. Take some time to lower your carb intake before you officially start your diet. This will make the transition a smooth one

2. Don’t forget the other stuff

Remember that while Keto might be a high-fat diet, this doesn’t mean that you can expect to lose weight just from eating avocados and bacon. Getting your fats every day is vital to maintaining your diet plan but eating too little protein won’t help you lose weight. Amino acids from protein help build and repair muscles. Protein also helps keep you feeling full, which will help you lose weight. The carbs that you eat while on the Keto plan shouldn’t be low-quality carbs either. Eating nutrient-dense, low carb vegetables is a great way to get both energy and a full stomach. This is also a better alternative to eating foods that are filled with hidden carbs. (I’m looking at your protein bars).

3. What you put into your body is more important than how much you sweat out.

Losing weight is often described as a two-way street of balancing exercise and eating right. In this instance, eating is far more important to your success. The Keto diet is one of the few diets that can be practiced with little exercise, and you can still see results. This makes it a great diet to use with Lipozene if you want to lose weight while not having to stick with a strict exercise plan. Due to a decrease in your carb intake, while on Keto workouts may feel sluggish at first. You can counteract this by doing less intense, more steady-state workouts at first to get used to how much energy each exercise takes. 

Keto is a very popular diet for a good reason. The diet’s versatility allows you to experiment with the approach, yet there are still mistakes to avoid while you are on it. If you choose to stick with the diet, you will find a rewarding, enjoyable, and versatile way to transform yourself into your best self. And remember, before beginning a diet like Keto, always consult with your doctor first.


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