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How to Meal Prep
How to Meal Prep

In the simplest terms, losing weight is done by eating right and getting your exercise in. The exercise part is often the easiest. You can go for a run, lift some weights, or play a sport among many other things. Exercise can be done in a variety of ways. When it comes to what you eat, this is the tricky part because everyone is different. The most important part of your diet is consistency. One of the most consistent and useful ways to manage what you eat is meal prepping. Meal prepping is preparing your meals ahead of time, often by portioning large quantities of food into meal-sized portions. Meal prepping is a super effective way to control calories because you will be eating measured portions. And because you won’t eat out as much, you’ll also be saving money. No more picking up lunch during your break, because you’ll have your lunch already prepared! However, meal prepping can be tricky if you aren’t sure what goes well with certain foods. Here is some advice on how to utilize meals prepping to your full advantage.

What do I need to meal prep?

First things first, make sure you have lots of Tupperware® since this is how you will be storing food. As far as food, it will vary depending on your diet. Avoid processed foods and food that won’t store for long. Go with foods like lean protein, frozen vegetables, whole fruit, whole grains, and nuts. You might also buy a food scale to help make sure you have accurate portions for your meals.

How Should I Meal Prep?

While this is based on your diet, there a couple of different things to consider. A protein (chicken, turkey, fish) combined with green veggies (broccoli, celery, peas) along with a healthy starch (sweet potatoes, parsnip, cassava) is a good way to go. You can also meal prep salads, snacks, pasta, and other delicious options. Variety is also important. Spice things up with different foods each week to ensure you won’t get bored with your choices.

When is a good time for meal prep?

Meal prepping can be done at any time, but you might consider preparing your food on a Sunday before the week starts. And keep in mind, your food will be stored in the fridge for a few days so if you aren’t a fan of refrigerated food, then portion your food to your own particular tastes. You might also add Lipozene to your meal prepping options. Lipozene will help you feel fuller throughout the day, so you eat less throughout the week.

Meal prepping is a smart, efficient way to not just lose weight but to save money as well. By preparing food ahead of time, you will also free up time to do other things. So if you are looking for a way to establish consistency in your diet while also staying healthy, meal prepping could be just the thing for you


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