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How to avoid overeating at a restaurant.
How to avoid overeating at a restaurant.

You’ve just finished working a 40-hour week, you maintained your healthy habits, and you want to enjoy a meal out with friends or loved ones. While you want to enjoy the time with those around you, you feel trapped in a desire to eat healthily but also have a good time. This is a familiar situation to those looking to lose weight. Luckily, here are some ways you can enjoy time out and still prevent yourself from overeating.

1.Look up the menu ahead of time. 

When you are out; you want to enjoy the experience instead of worrying about figuring out what food to eat. Before going out to the restaurant, look up the menu beforehand. Not only will this save you time and stress, but it will also allow you to answer questions about variations and special requests for the items you are considering.

2. Eat beforehand.

There is no shame in eating a little bit beforehand to mitigate hunger. If you have some time before going out, considering have a snack. Eating a snack beforehand can ease your appetite, which will help you and your wallet out.   

3. Take Lipozene.

It may seem obvious but taking Lipozene is one of the most effective ways to combat overeating when going out. By taking two pills before eating out, you won’t feel as hungry and will eat less. Lipozene will give you the results you desire while still enjoying a good time with friends.

4.Understand portion size.

Many restaurants tend to serve large portions, so feel free to ask how much food you are to be served. The last thing you want is too much of one thing at a restaurant, you want to be able to taste everything.

5.Take your drink into account.

People tend to forget to consider the calories that they drink when going to a restaurant. Avoid drinking sugar-loaded soft drinks and try to keep alcohol assumption to a minimum. If you plan to drink, avoid mixed drinks with sodas and instead opt for mixers with no to low calories, such as soda water or diet tonic water.

6. Make substitutions.

If you follow a specific diet, such as the ketogenic diet, it can be challenging to decide what you can eat. While you are eating out with friends, make substitutions to fit your diet. If you see a grilled chicken sandwich with a side of fries, but you are cutting back on carbs, ask to remove the fries and get a garden salad instead.

7. Feel free to add more veggies.

In addition to being full of vitamins and nutrients, vegetables are an excellent filler in place of carbs or unhealthy sides. Restaurants also typically serve a fair number of veggies, so order double or even triple the amount they would normally serve. You can save the carbs and other sides for later in a Togo box, allowing you to enjoy the veggies now.

8. Start with a salad.

There is nothing wrong with eating a salad before your main entrée. Make sure the salad is healthy and isn’t filled with croutons or high calorie dressing. A salad will allow you to save some calories for the main entrée later. It can be a win-win situation for your diet and your lunchtime cravings.


Far too often, we mistake feeling thirsty for feeling hungry. This can often happen when eating at a restaurant, so take advantage of the free water and hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more. Water is your best friend at a restaurant and will help you make more sound decisions when it is time to eat.

10.Eat slower than you usually do.

It may take some practice but try eating slower than you usually do when eating out. Your body needs time to process everything you consume, and overeating can result if you eat too fast. If you allow yourself to take time when you eat, you can better judge how much you should eat. 

11. Understand menu language.

Restaurant terminology can sometimes be a college course when you break down all the different words and variations of how dishes are prepared. If you are curious how an entree is prepared, ask your server. You typically want to avoid fried, crispy, dipped, scalloped, breaded, or entrees with heavy cream sauce. Food that is grilled, steamed, baked, roasted, broiled, or seared are usually ok to eat and can help you avoid unhealthy ingredients.

12. Get that on the side.

When ordering anything with sauce, if you are unsure about how healthy it is or tastes, ask for it on the side. You can portion how much of the sauce you use.

13. Finish with some coffee to avoid overeating. 

Coffee has added benefits beyond just keeping you awake. It can be very effective at suppressing your appetite, making you feel full even after just one-up. Rather than going for ice cream and cake, drink a cup of coffee to save you calories and money.

14. Eat what your heart desires.

 If you have been active and want to continue treating yourself right, enjoy a delicious meal out. It will satisfy your cravings and keep you in a good mindset.


At the end of the day, ready the situation and decide ultimately if it is worth indulging at the restaurant you are going to. If it isn’t, don’t feel pressured into cheating on your diet. If you need help making adjustments, use this guide will help you do that for you and more.


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