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How to Make a Vision Board That Actually Works

While we gather with our families to embrace the end of the year, we have begun to hear rumblings of our friends and family member’s new year’s resolutions. “I want to get in shape” and “making more money is a priority this year” are common phrases that get tossed around as we discuss what we hope 2021 will bring.

Among the discussion, the idea of using a vision board to manifest our ‘perfect’ version of reality gets brought to our attention. Vision boards can be powerful tools that bring forth the reality that we envision for ourselves. If you’re ready to use a vision board to your advantage, here are some suggestions.

Get Specific

While the idea of having a billion dollars and six-pack abs sounds like an entertaining idea, it may not reflect our core beliefs and wants. In the days and weeks to come, get specific on what it is that you want from 2021 and beyond.

If having more money is at the forefront of your mind, define why financial abundance is important to you. Science has long-since understood the power of visualization and how it can influence the subconscious mind.

Moreover, if getting into great shape and losing weight that you’ve accumulated throughout the holidays is something that you deem important, figure out what causes that desire. When you can pinpoint the real reason you desire this outcome, you give yourself a better chance at succeeding in the months to come.

Time to Get to Work On Your Vision Board

Once you have a deep-rooted understanding of your grand visions, it’s time to get out the magazines and pictures! Get a piece of poster board (We recommend 9”x12” to 11”X14” Size Board) and cut and print images that reflect the ideas you have for yourself.

Don’t sell yourself short: When creating a vision board, our first inclination is to be ‘realistic’ with our expectations. While this may seem like a good idea at the moment, it limits the possibilities available to you and diminishes your potential.

Use imagery and visions that are bright, vibrant and awe-inspiring. The more attractive the image is, the more likely it is to be imprinted on your subconscious mind. When times get tough, and you feel too tired to carry on with your to-do list, these images will motivate you and remind you why you’re doing this.

Daily Access and Visibility

One problem that we see many vision-board users make when they’re creating their ideal future is that they place their board somewhere hidden from sight. You know how it is: You make a board, you tell yourself you’re going to be successful but hide the board from fear of ridicule or shame. Don’t fall into this trap!

Instead, proudly place your board in an area where you can see it daily. Do you spend hours in your home office each day? Good, hang it above your computer monitor so you can be reminded of what’s coming as you send emails.

Our mind loves routine and habitual behavior. When you see your ideas of a perfect future regularly, your brain begins to filter information that may be pertinent to you and bring it to your attention. Once this process occurs, it becomes imprinted on your subconscious mind and leads you toward the finish line.

Embrace Your Evolution

As we get older, our likes, interests, goals and habits change and morph to fit our reality. When we decide to use a vision board, we need to be aware of our ever-evolving nature and use it to our advantage.

If you made a vision board years ago, don’t be afraid to make updates as time moves along. Just as the seasons in nature change with each passing month, our wants and desires will shift and contort in new ways. Embrace the change and frequently return to your vision board to replace what no longer serves you!

Make Life Your Playground

As the year wraps up, remember to be easy on yourself. Although there will inevitably be challenges and hurdles on the journey ahead, they don’t define who you are. Each moment where we find ourselves struggling to move forward is another lesson we can learn from.

Use your vision board as the guiding light for a better tomorrow. When the sky fills with storm clouds, our hopes and aspirations for the future act as the rays of sunlight that penetrate the darkness. Return to your vision board often to be reminded of where you want to be, not the current circumstances. And if you get lost along the way, return to these steps:

  • Get specific on what you want out of life.
  • Use vibrant and captivating imagery that imprints on your subconscious mind.
  • Update and change your vision board as your wants, needs and desires change.
  • Return to your vision board as a reminder of why you push through challenges and obstacles every day.
  • Be easy with yourself and embrace the trials and tribulations as a growing and learning experience.

We wish you nothing but success in the months and years to come! And if you do make those goals become a reality, reach out and let us know how you were able to manifest your vision board into reality!


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