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Decluttering Before the Holidays

No holiday is complete without a home that helps brighten the heart and sets the mood. And this involves more than just simply throwing up some seasonal decorations. In fact, it begins with decluttering.

A decluttered home for the holidays helps ensure your family and guests have a safe open space to mingle and maneuver freely about your home, which also lends to an enjoyable time, while a decluttered guest quarters help ensure your overnight visitors relax comfortably during their stay.

And then the holiday decor only enhances the cozy warmth of your residence for an added welcoming touch.

Decluttering your home before the holidays can be a mind-boggling task, not knowing where to begin; however, the following simple tips can help take the bewilderment out of it and make it a cinch.

Simple Tips for Decluttering Your Home Before the Holidays

Declutter Your Mind

To declutter your home, as well as help motivate yourself for the holidays, you first have to have the right mindset. However, this can prove challenging with all the things you may have on your plate.

Therefore, begin by easing your mind by focusing on the true meaning of the holidays, which is to have a good time and create great memories with your loved ones.

This will not only help inspire you for the holidays but also help you visualize the perfect place for enjoying your family and friends, which will give you a purpose for decluttering your home and make it more exciting and fulfilling.

Declutter Your Expectations

To help keep your mind at ease, you also want to avoid trying to imitate others’ idea of fun. Instead, focus on your family’s needs when preparing your home for the holidays, which will help take the pressure off, knowing it’s what your loved ones enjoy.

There is also nothing wrong with keeping your celebration small and simple to help avoid stress and to also ensure you are able to have a good time yourself.

Declutter the Kitchen

Perhaps the first and most important place to begin decluttering your home is the kitchen. After all, this is considered the heart of the home and where many people like to do their entertaining.

It also helps ensure your kitchen is in order and everything is in its appropriate place, which helps make things easier to find and gets you in the mood to do your best cooking.

When your guests see that your kitchen is free of clutter, it also helps give them more confidence in enjoying your foods because it shows that you care.

To declutter your kitchen, simply remove any items that do not belong and restore any misplaced utensils to their right place.

You can also invest in some organizers for your kitchen drawers and cabinets to help create more space and to also make things easier to find.

Next, clear the cabinets and the pantry of any stale and expired foods, which will also make it easier to locate your ingredients, as well as help free up space for storing your holiday foods.

Lastly, wipe down the counters and appliances, including the stove, refrigerator, and microwave, so you have a shiny, well-sanitized kitchen fit for a chef.

Declutter the Guest Quarters

If you are like many people, your guest quarters have been serving as an extra space to store various items that are longer in use.

Not to mention, it’s probably been a while since you’ve housed overnight guests, which has given the sheets, curtains, and other linens in your guest wing plenty of time to collect their share of dust, debris, and other irritants.

It is also likely that the linens have also lost their fresh laundry smell.

Therefore, begin by removing any items from the room that do not belong there, which will help declutter the space and make it easier to clean and even redecorate, if you’d like.

And don’t forget to check the closets and draws for clutter, which will also ensure your guests have plenty of room for storing their clothes, luggage, and other travel items.

Next, launder the linens and sheets to restore their cushiony softness and freshly laundered smell for a cozy little nook that can rival even a bed and breakfast or five-star hotel.

The floor can also harbor its share of dust and debris, which can cause the room to smell stale, so don’t forget to also vacuum or sweep the floor to freshen the room’s look and smell.

If you have a bathroom that is designated especially for overnight guests, you should also be sure to declutter it as well and then wipe it down for a sparkly shine. You should also be sure to restock it with the essentials.

The same goes for any other areas located in your guest quarters, such as the study, guest entertainment room, and more, for a welcoming feel.

Declutter the Rest of the House

Now that you have cleared the main areas of your home, make your way to any other areas of the home that need to be decluttered.

This can include your own bedroom, which will help ensure you also have a clean, cozy space to retreat to and relax at the end of the day, so you can wake up vibrant, refreshed, at your best, and ready to share in the good times the next day.

If you have a garage, you may want to declutter it as well to free up more room for parking.

Declutter Your Seasonal Decor

With a well-organized home out of the way, now you are ready to decorate for an added warm touch.

To help make your decorating easier, simply lay out all the decor to be used, which will make it easier to grab what you need when you need it.

It is also a good idea to unravel any lights, as well as any disheveled wrapping paper to also make them easier to work with.


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