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Lipozene Reviews

It really does work, I lost 85 pounds in less than 12 months. Went from a size 16 to a size 2. A lot of people don't even recognize me anymore. I'm healthier and happier than I've ever been.
I've had 2 children in 2 years, and was feeling really ashamed of my body. I bought lipozene because I've used it years ago and it had worked wonders. So far I'm one bottle in (5 days) and I've lost 11 pounds. IN FIVE DAYS!. i haven't exercised, not even once. I hate drinking water and drink maybe 2 bottles a day. I'm amazed. I never get jitters or nausea from Lipozene, like with other diet pills. I literally just take it, never feel hungry, and I'm shrinking. Thank you Lipozene!
Columbus, Ohio
I bought this product 2 weeks ago from today. I must admit the results were phenomenal. I am seriously overweight. I am only 19 and weighed 206. I been taking this product, and I am happy to admit I lost 17 lbs in these 2 weeks. This product DOES work. I see others that say otherwise, but sorry to break it to anyone but NO PILL is a miracle pill. To achieve a goal you will have to work a little bit. I'm not saying go all out and become exercise person of the week. But move more then you do, and change your eating style, and you will get fabulous results. You can't take this pill and over eat and expect to lose weight. Don't blame the product if you fail. The result is all you. You have 2 give a little 2 get a little.
Inglewood, California
I used Lipozene for two months and lost 35lbs. I would simply take the pill 30 min before meals and move through my day. Now I am more fit and healtier than I have ever been. This product works so well that I have decied to continue the usage until I reach my goal weight of 40 more lbs.

Thank Lipozene!
Belton, Missouri
I have lost 20lbs. I am so very pleased with the results so far. I am only concentrating on 20lbs at a time so here I go on another...
Scottsburg, Indiana
I definitely plan to be a Lipozene success story! I'm here to say a week into Lipozene, still counting calories I lost 7lbs. I'm gonna set my goal 10lbs at a time and I finally feel confident I will reach my goal of 135! Thanks! Denise
Chicago, Illinois
Day 10 of my lipozene journey. I am 6'4 with a starting weight of 278 lbs plan to get down to 220 with lots of cardio and lipozene. After the first week I have lost 9 lbs! This is direct result from taking my lipozene at the same time everyday mixed with different cardio workouts I do at home. I really like lipozene compared to other weight/fat loss products i have taken due to the fact that It has not given me the neg side effects that others have. Drinking lots of water helps. Lipozene has taken away my frequent urge to snack throughout the day! will keep you updated weekly on how I am feeling, also what I have been doing as far as workouts go. I have tried most of the weight/fat products over the years and so far lipozene seems to be working the best for me so far.
Toronto, Ontario
I want to know when to use the MetaboUP. Im confused, do I have to take the Lipozene and then after a meal take the MetaboUP?
Comments: For Lipozene, the recommended dose is 2 pills taken 30 minutes prior to each meal with 8 ounces of water up to three times daily.

If you have MetaboUP you can take 1 tablet up to two times per day with an 8 oz glass of water.

If taking MetaboUP PLUS you can take two pills once daily, preferably in the morning or prior to a workout with an 8 oz glass of water.

Lipozene Customer Service
Fort Payne, Alabama
I just bought it from walgreens and I can't wait to see if it works for me!! I'm 23 and I'm around 250lbs, I'm graduating in May and will be transferring to a University and I'm hoping to look healthy and slimmed down by August. I dont want to be a twig, I'm 2x/3x in shirts and 18W-22W in jeans. My goal is to be in a Large and a 11/12 in juniors by the time I start school. Are we allowed to take this with other diet supplements?
Comments: Terri - great question! It would be best to check with your physician about taking or combining any supplements.

Lipozene Customer Service
Fort Worth, Texas
I have to say I have been on Lipozene for 9 days and I think I've lost nothing. I read the reviews before I started this knowing that the secret is to move. So I walked, stretched, ellipticaled, and drank more water in 9 days than I have in 9 months. I haven't always been the best healthy eater, but in recent years I have changed that habit. I've noticed that I do get full quickly now which is a good this.

I bought the complete kit,and plan to use all the bottles. Wish me luck as I continue. 100's of other have done this with success so can I.
Comments: Stick with it Angie! We know you can meet your weight loss goals. Keep us posted on your journey, and remember to follow the dosage instructions for optimum results.

Lipozene Customer Service
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
I have gained about thirty pounds in the last year. Now taking Lipozene for just four days I feel fuller and more energetic as well as lost three pounds. I'm going to continue using this product until I get back to pre-baby weight, maybe even a little lower. Thanks Lipozene!
Alexandria, Virginia
Okay, I got up nerve to order the product.I wanted to lose some weight before my cruise. I have been on the product for just over 2 weeks. I was shocked at how full I got after eating a small amount. I have lost about 15 lbs and it was not hard. If you take the product and drink your water, you can be successful.But it's not a magical pill. You HAVE to do your part. Take the pills, drink water,and do something to get moving. Even if you just walk,do anything,something,and you can be successful. Just tell yourself the you are worth it. Love yourself enough to try this product. Good Luck and hang in there.
Katherine Shields
Roanoke, Alabama
I have been taking this product for about 3 months and have lost almost 2 pant sizes. I take it 30 minutes before I eat and move all throughout the day. I absolutely love this product. It is by far this best product out there for a mother of 7 who doesnt have time to go the gym.
Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania
If this really worked it would make NATIONAL news. If it works why do you give away a free bottle of metabolup or whatever it's called? This is just another company taking advantage of people who are desperate to lose weight, and the fact that you are still in business just proves my point.
Misty Wilson
Hot Springs, Arkansas
It really does work, I lost 85 pounds in less than 12 months. Went from a size 16 to a size 2. A lot of people don't even recognize me anymore. I'm healthier and happier than I've ever been.
Elizabeth Paige
Covington, Washington
I've had 2 children in 2 years, and was feeling really ashamed of my body. I bought lipozene because I've used it years ago and it had worked wonders. So far I'm one bottle in (5 days) and I've lost 11 pounds. IN FIVE DAYS!. i haven't exercised, not even once. I hate drinking water and drink maybe 2 bottles a day. I'm amazed. I never get jitters or nausea from Lipozene, like with other diet pills. I literally just take it, never feel hungry, and I'm shrinking. Thank you Lipozene :-)
My only recommendation is that you sell bigger bottles lol
I used this product for about a month and a half, I lost over three sizes. I was in a size nine to twelve depending on the brand and I can fit into a size five to six now, depending on the brand. It really is worth it. I have about thirty more pounds to go and I plan to lose them with Lipozene.
I was 233 after giving birth to my daughter after taking Lipozene i dropped down to 152 it really does work..
Fulton, New York
I have been taking this for 2 full months and have only lost maybe 3 pounds. Not worth the money.
Niagara, Wisconsin
Just took my first dose of Lipozene this morning. After reading all the reviews I am looking forward to losing the weight like the others!! Wish me luck and LIPOZENE....DO YOUR THING!!! (And I'll do mine)

Lipozene Customer Service
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Lipozene is awesome! Not only have I lost weight. I feel better and healthier. THANK YOU LIPOZENE
Shocking Results
Greenville, North Carolina
I have been on lipozene since friday and today is tuesday I my belly has shrunk alot and I have 7lbs. Lipozene helps me to stay full and the key is to drink plenty of water before, after and in between meals. Try it for yourself you will be amazed.
New York
I'm a black women age who is 5'3" and 46 years old. I had a bet with a friend for a $250 shopping spree and I won. This is no Joke. The product works. The bet was 60days who lost the most percentage of weight. I started at 175 and I'm down to 164. This might not be as fast as you would want it but it took me a long time to put it on and it's gonna take me some time to get it off. I'm still going I will come back in 30days from today to tell you what my new weight is, by the way the bet is off its just me feeling good about myself. Please eat right. I do a lite workout. I'm a working mom wife and friend. I'll see you in 30days
Fort Collins, Colorado
I tried Lipozene with mixed results. I did lose a few pounds but not as fast as I wished. If I would have modified my diet further I'm sure I would have lost much more weight. All in all, it did work for me but could have been better.
E. White
New Orleans, Louisiana
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Love it I was 269.8 to 178.8 in 3 months I stopped it and it's been 5 months and I have not gain the weight. Very happy. I did made some exercises but when I wanted to slack I did and still lost weight.
Phoenix, Arizona
ive only taken lipozeene for two weeks and 3days and lost 12pounds sept,16 2012-oct,4,2012. i am also an everyday drinker, about 6-8 beers a day and eat very healthy now. i went from 238 - 226.o and feel so great. i havent even got on my tredmill yet lol. i am working on it though. it all starts with how bad do you want it,let go let god,changing your thought process of food intake to determination, most importantly just stay do you want to feel a year from today, how long do you want to live. stop blameing,stop begging and start believing.
Sharon Lemons
Ridgeway, Virginia
I've lost 40 pounds on the Lipozene program! I'm at the weight I was in my 20's and I'm 52 years old! I've recently gave the product to a friend at work because I have maintained the weight loss for 6 months now!
Trish Ethier
Caledon, Ontario
I have just started taking and have been only only for less than a week.....I feel fuller and I am watching what I am eating and the amounts....I have tried not to be a "scale jumper" but I got on the scale and so far I havelost NOTHING.....Trying not to get discouraged but I am disheartened.....Any suggestions?
Comments: Don't give up Trish! Remember to follow the dosage instructions and take two pills with 8 ounces of water prior to your meal up to three times a day.

Lipozene Customer Service
Clermont, Florida
Sceptic about purchase, but appetite has decrease tremedously. I always had difficult time with portion sizes, was never full, and ate more than my husband! So far, I am pleased with the product. I am taking two capsules three times daily and the Metabo Up twice daily. Forgot to step on scale prior to starting, but will start tracking weight. Will keep everyone update on my progress and good luck to all in our same journey and dream.
Port Of Spain, New York
I am so going to try this heard some amazing result hope it work for me I have to lose 25lb befor December 312012 ends this was my year wish so I really hope this help me any adivie you can give will help I will keep you inform today is 27/10/12 so in two weeks I will give a report on you product my weight now is 143 my gold is to be 115-120 lbs I am short about 5.7 or so
I bought this to suppress hunger, and bought an Herbal energy suppliment for energy, began taking brisk 20 min per day walks through the mall and my body melted, literally melted away 100 pounds in 4 months, im never real hungry so when i eat i try to eat vitamin rich foods that are low in fat and i stay active, have made many new friends and even got a part time job walking through one of my favorite mall stores assisting shoppers. I think this as other diet pills if you take action, maybe pair it with another supplement or vitamin,and above all get off your butt and get some EXERCISE anyone can lose weight. no magic pill does it for you, you gotta want it you gotta make it happen
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