Lose Fat

You want to lose weight. More importantly, you want to lose body fat. It has accumulated on your midsection, butt and thighs and it's unsightly. It's important to understand the basics of weight loss as well as how fat burning works so you may determine how best you can lose fat.

It is important to understand the energy in/energy out concept. If the energy you consume (food) far exceeds the energy you burn (exercise) your body will store the excess energy as fat. Fat and glucose serve as the body's primary energy sources. Too much storage is bad news.

All the science aside, losing fat comes down to how much energy you expend. If you research how to lose fat chances are weight training will be presented as a viable option. Muscle burns more fat. So the more muscle your body has, the more fat you will be able to burn. But you cannot simply weight train without cardio to lose fat. If you don't get rid of the layers of fat tissue on your body, muscle will build on top of those fat layers and you'll end up looking fatter than when you first started working out. Start with a cardiovascular routine (i.e., running on the treadmill, doing aerobics, swimming, etc.), and then once you have successfully hit your first weight loss goal, start weight training to advance to your next goal.

In addition to cardio, your goal to lose fat should also address dietary changes. It's tedious, but count your calories. It's important to know not only how many calories you are burning each day, but how many you are consuming. If you're consuming way more calories than your body needs, you're not going to be able to exercise all day long to make the difference. There are many resources online to determine caloric values for the food you eat. Understand how many calories you consume and how many calories your body burns for regular function. And then figure out how to incorporate the appropriate exercise routine to help create a calorie deficit.

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