Sharon M. Thomas
Lansing, Michigan
Lipozene is an excellent product! I canceled my shipments because Walgreen's has Lipozene on sale this week. Two bottles for $19.99! When I went to Walgreen's this past Sunday, I really loaded up!
San Francisco, California
I've been using Lipozene for nearly 2 month and I felt the different after using it , which is losing weight for quite bit . but I found myself have got pregnant for 1 month ( without noticing it ) and right now I have a little concerned about my unborn child later .
my question to you is , what's that gonna be okay using Lipozene while I am pregnant ( again , without noticing it )?? , and what's that any side effect gonna be occur with my unborn child ??
thanks a lot

Lucy ,
Comments: Hi, Lucy! Congratulations on your weight loss and pregnancy! As with all dietary supplements, you should not take the product if pregnant or lactating.

Lipozene Customer Service
kaydi ann arnold
Hollywood, Florida
I am a jamaican. I saw the advertisement and decided to try. i must say i m very impressed with the product. buts disappointed that i av to give it a break because th eitem is only shipped in the united state or canada. wish i could get it shipped to me in jamaica.
Comments: Hi, Kaydi! Our apologies that we do not currently ship to Jamaica. We'll keep you posted on any changes.

Lipozene Customer Service
Graciela Zaragoza
San Diego, California
Can someone with thyroid problems take Lipozene?
Comments: Hi, Graciela! We recommend you consult with your physician prior to taking Lipozene. Best wishes to you ...

Lipozene Customer Service
paul low
Portland, Maine
I had my brother order this for me a week ago,how long does it take to get to maine???
Comments: Hi, Paul! If your brother opted for regular shipping, the timeframe is 3 - 5 weeks. Rush delivery is 5 - 8 business days. Best of luck!

Lipozene Customer Service
caroline mccormick
High Point, North Carolina
Adrian, Michigan
I just started lipozene as of thursday this week its now saturday. I have to admit this pill is amazing. Since i have been taking this pill (as reccomended on the package)and drinking water throughout the day my intake of food has decreased a ton. i feel full up to 7 HOURS without any snacking. However since its only been 3 days i have not seen any results.. i am happy so far with this. i would honestly give this a rating of 5 stars but cannot yet due to me not having the weight loss results yet. (like i stated its only been like 2 1/2 actual days) i WILL continue with lipozene. i will also update my results as well.. this is so amazing that last night i was unable to finish an aprox. 1/2 lb pork steak and 1 cup of corn. i had started with the corn and ate that by the time i finished the corn and drank a few drinks of water i took 2 bites (2 Bites) of pork steak and could not eat any more due to being actually full. amazing for me, cause only if you knew im the type that will eat and snack all day/night long non stop. im at least 209 weighing in as of right now. :( but it will change im also positive! this is gonna be life changing. i will be following back on my results month to month.. thank you so much lipozene...
Farmington Hills, Michigan
im 32y old weigh 245lb after twins, it has only been a few days on lipozene and metaboup, waiting to see results, hoping its not a scam. 4/25/12
Comments: Best of luck, Donna, please keep us posted on your results!

Lipozene Customer Service
Chilliwack, British Columbia
just started using lipozene this is the second day i have more energy and feel better im not eating as much as i use to, so far so good
Comments: Glad to hear, Jennifer! Please keep us posted on your results.

Lipozene Customer Service
Arcadia, Florida
I bought this product a couple of years ago from Walmart and paid 29.95 for it there and this product did not at all. I did not lose the first pound and it was so disappointing because this product is still being advertised as being a miracle drug to lose weight. I feel that this comment will probably be wiped out but I wanted to voice my true statement. Maybe my fat is stubborn and will take a more drastic approach, but I tried. Thanks for listening.
Comments: Hi, Watson! Thanks for your comments. We hope you will consider trying Lipozene again. Lipozene is most effective when taken at the optimum maximum dosage of 6 capsules per day - 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to each meal - taken with 8 oz of water. Best wishes to you!

Lipozene Customer Service
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