Lisa Hutson
Eden, North Carolina
Thank you so much for your product. I tried other products with no results even with Sensa but when my sister suggested this product, I decided to try it and in 2 months have lost 25 lbs. I still have a long way to go but this is the only thing that has helped me. I am not able to walk to exercise due to having only half of my left foot and no weight bearing bone in that foot so lipozene has been a god sent. Again thank you so much.
Comments: Congratulations, Lisa! Thanks for sharing.

Lipozene Customer Service
Louisville, Kentucky
Good Reviews going to give it a try, I have tried everything else why not...
Decatur, Illinois
i just started using this product today. I am 39 yrs. old and am approx. 40 lbs. overweight. at dinner tonight i could not eat a whole lot which tells me the product just may work. i will keep you posted.
Toronto, Ontario
Where i can buy this product in Manhattan?
Comments: Hi, Maria -

We offer free shipping to Manhattan - please visit

Lipozene Customer Service
feeling great
Hanover, Ontario
I started Lipozene (09/26/12) two weeks ago and I feel amazing! I have not weighed myself yet, but I can honestly say I do NOT over eat anymore and feel full all day! The Metabolism booster does give me a headache when I take it, but that doesnt bother me, I just dont take it anymore. I cant wait to weigh in when I hit my 30 day mark. Thanks Lipozene! I will keep you updated.
Rachel Walton
Toronto, Ontario
It was good, but wasn't entirely what I expected. I wanted to "feel" something working, but overall it was an okay product.
trena justus
Pulaski, Virginia
I started using Lipozene on August 3rd of 2012. I weighed 184 pounds and Im 5 foot tall. I have lost 21 pounds. I have went from a size 14 to a size 10. Im so happy with this product. Im still using it and will continue to use it til I reach my goal weight. it takes a little extra work on my part to lose the weight. a person cant expect to take the pills and eat what they want. the product does work but you have to work with the product. thanks LIPOZZENE.
Broadway, North Carolina
I highly reccomend this product to any one thats trying so desperately to lose weight ive lost a great amount of weight in the past year. 2 thumbs up to the creator.

Thanks Lipozene!!!!!!
Phoenix, Arizona
ive only taken lipozeene for two weeks and 3days and lost 12pounds sept,16 2012-oct,4,2012. i am also an everyday drinker, about 6-8 beers a day and eat very healthy now. i went from 238 - 226.o and feel so great. i havent even got on my tredmill yet lol. i am working on it though. it all starts with how bad do you want it,let go let god,changing your thought process of food intake to determination, most importantly just stay do you want to feel a year from today, how long do you want to live. stop blameing,stop begging and start believing.
Staunon, Virginia
I have just started using Lipozene today and I am hoping for some good results. I can already tell that is makes me feel full and the more water I drink the fuller I feel. I am looking forward to my results in 30 days. I am getting married April 27th and I am trying to lose 40 lbs I will update everyone in 30 days and let you know how it is going.
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