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*Dan was remunerated for his time and his results were achieved with a combination of diet and exercise. Results not typical average of 4.93 lb weight loss in a 60-day study.

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-Zavier, West Haverstraw, New York

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** The endorsement quoted above was posted on the Lipozene website and was unsolicited. The opinions of Lipozene users are not necessarily representative of all Lipozene customers. Reviews represent the viewpoints and unique experiences of individual customers with Lipozene and should not be taken as indications or guarantees of future results of other customers using the same or similar ORI products. Weight loss and response to supplements are individualized experiences based on a variety of factors and thus experience and performance of ORI products will vary from individual to individual. The average results showed a 3.86 LBS of fat loss over an 8 week double-blind clinical study.

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        If you've been looking for weight loss plans for men, you've probably seen ads for expensive exercise equipment, bad prepackaged food, and a myriad of "miracle solutions" with questionable effectiveness. But are you still looking for something that's clinically proven to work? Something easy and reliable enough that you're to be satisfied with your results even if you don't diet and exercise?

        Then try Lipozene®. Check out these studies that support that the active ingredient in Lipozene is clinically proven to help you lose weight.

        Lipozene is not a pharmaceutical drug, and no prescription is required.

        It's just an easy-to-use diet supplement that millions have used to get thinner. Just take Lipozene before each meal with 8 oz of water, that's it. It's easy, but not too easy to be true. The simplicity of how Lipozene works is an important factor in your weight loss success.

        And Lipozene works safely - in fact, there are no known
when you use Lipozene as directed!

Here's how it works:

        Lipozene uses a simple method to prevent overeating. It's made from a natural extract from the konjac root called glucomannan – a great source of dietary fiber. It works by expanding in your stomach during your meal, taking up space that you would otherwise fill with more food. You'll feel full sooner, and you'll find that you can stop eating and make it to the next meal comfortably.

        So, if you just take two capsules with at least 8oz of water before each meal, you'll take in fewer calories each day, and you won't even miss them! Your body will naturally burn fat to make up the difference. Lipozene can be all the help you need to lose weight and feel better about yourself.

        If you're sick of being winded by the time you reach the top of the stairs, sweating more than your friends on the field, or having trouble keeping up with your kids, Lipozene is for you. Whether you're severely overweight, or just carrying a few extra pounds, you don't have to become a bodybuilder to change your physique with Lipozene. It's so easy, it's a weight loss program that anyone can follow through on.

Science proves it works:

        We know Lipozene is the real deal because its active ingredient caused significant weight loss in a placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study. The participants were not asked to change their diet or exercise habits at all!

        But ultimately, we trust the millions of people who've bought Lipozene to tell us if our product is worth the money. Many of which take the time to write in and tell us they've burned off pounds of body fat while on Lipozene, and are now fitting into smaller clothes than ever.

        If Lipozene wasn't a real, powerful solution, they all could have called back for a refund, because we guarantee you'll be satisfied with your results from Lipozene!

        They see the pounds coming off in a few short weeks, and want to continue.

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        No other male weight loss product can guarantee easy weight loss without side effects!

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*Participants were remunerated for their time and results were achieved with a combination of diet and exercise. Results not typical average of 4.93 lb weight loss in a 60-day study.

In a double-blind study, not only did participants lose weight, but 78 percent of the weight lost was pure body fat. What's even more amazing is that participants were not asked to change their lifestyle, just take Lipozene.


Lipozene is an all-natural weight loss supplement that has no known side effects when taken as directed.
As with any weight loss supplement, it is recommended to check with your doctor before
beginning use.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Check out these studies that prove scientifically that the active ingredient in Lipozene helps you lose weight!

We're so sure that you'll be satisfied with Lipozene, that we'll give you your money back if you don't lose all the weight you want.