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“I have been using Lipozene for 2 months and I have lost over 36 pounds! This product is amazing and I love it, I suggest it to anybody who is serious about losing weight fast!" - Carley, from Thunder Bay, Ontario*

Lose Body Fat and Feel Healthier with a Proven-Effective Supplement called Lipozene. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Lipozene promises to make losing weight as easy as taking two pills before each meal. It won't make you feel jittery because it contains no stimulants. There's no counting calories, no giving up your favorite foods, and no need for a strict exercise routine.

But does it really work?

In a double-blind clinical study, participants lost more weight with the active ingredient of Lipozene than with a placebo. What's even more amazing is that 78% of the weight lost was pure body fat, and the participants were not asked to eat or exercise any differently than normal!

Check out these studies that provide scientific proof that Lipozene is effective for weight loss. And now that millions of Americans have tried Lipozene, we have their success stories pouring in from across the nation. So how does Lipozene make the difference where other weight loss products have failed?

Lipozene works differently than other diet supplements.

Lipozene is made from an all-natural dietary fiber called glucomannan. All you have to do is take two capsules 30 minutes before each meal with at least 8 ounces of water. During your meal, the fiber expands to take up space in your stomach. You'll start feeling full and satisfied sooner, and you won't want to eat as much. It's a natural appetite suppressant, and gives all the benefits of a fiber supplement to boot.

You'll digest your meal, and the calorie-neutral fiber, exactly as normal, but since you cut your caloric intake, your body will burn more fat.

So even if you eat the same foods as always, or if you can't exercise, we're sure that you'll still lose weight because you'll take in less calories than you normally would. Of course you'll maximize your weight loss if you work out occasionally and eat healthy foods, but even if you don't, Lipozene puts you on course to burn fat and lose pounds and inches.

Lipozene is safe and all-natural.

Literally millions of people have used Lipozene to help them meet their weight-loss goals, allowing us to be certain that there are no known side-effects when taken as directed.  And that's up to 2 capsules a meal with at least 8oz of water, 3 meals a day for a total of 6 capsules daily.

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The natural fiber in Lipozene comes from the Konjac root, which has been farmed in Asia for centuries, and used as an herbal remedy for weight loss, high cholesterol, constipation, and the stabilization of blood sugar for all that time.

Lipozene is an effective weight loss solution because we've harnessed that natural power and put it in a form that's so quick, simple, and convenient, we know you won't fail to lose weight with it. We'll even put our money where our mouth is.

Did we mention the satisfaction guarantee?

 It's completely risk-free to try Lipozene. If you take it and you aren't satisfied with your results, we don't want your money. Just contact us to arrange a refund.

We can do this because we know that if you take Lipozene as directed, you will lose weight.  No other diet pill offers what Lipozene does: An all-natural solution meant for everyone, with no sacrifices and no side effects, that's clinically proven
to work.

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